Brighten up your day with one good thing

Feeling overwhelmed or looking for something feel-good? One Good Thing lets you discover an activity that can keep you motivated during tough times.

Why One Good Thing?

Dealing with uncertainty and helpless guilt during the pandemic time makes it hard to function and process everyday things. As a little step, here's a way to discover one good thing each day and lift up your mood.

Discover good things

How it works

Looking for a morning routine or an evening unwinding activity? One Good Thing can help you seek little joys, anytime and anywhere!

#1 Your profile

Set up your profile to mark all good things you stumble upon.

#2 Discover ideas

Find little things to make you feel good and motivated.

#3 Mark as favourite

Loved doing an activity? Mark it as favourite to try it again.

#4 Inspire others

Add your feel-good things to the list and inspire others.

1000+ people found their one good thing

One Good Thing has been helping a lot of them enjoy little moments everyday.

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